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Finishing before everyone else I entered the locker room to take a quick shower. The water always feels so warm, so comforting. My trick was to take a slightly cold shower before I entered the pool. The pool was always cold. Around 65 degrees was the warmest it’s been. Anyway I finished with my rinse and went to change. I was about to take off my swimsuit when I noticed it was really tight tighter than it had been. Not only that, it had grown bigger. To see I stood in front of the mirror. I found it amazing; my Speedo had grown up my body into the girls’ swimsuit. “This is so weird.” I attempted to take it off again, but it wouldn’t. I was afraid at what would come next. My skin tingled as two lumps grew out of my chest. I then went into panic-mode. At his point I thought this might have just been a small joke.

I knew the other guys would be coming in from practice any second. I needed to at least get out of the MEN’s locker room. I found my things and made my way through the locker room to the lobby. It felt weird my body was exhausted, I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.
The lobby was a big square room, it reached up about thirty-feet. There was a seating area on one side and a few reception desks on the other. I went and sat on one of the three couches.

I looked up at the ceiling thinking how this could have happened. I have done anything to have caused this.

Then I thought of the conversation I had with Lauren... "You know if you were a girl your times would be good enough for nationals."
"Well yeah, but I just have to get faster to get national times." I answered.
"Oh, Alex if only you knew, “she muttered.

That must've been it! That's the only thing to explain it. I knew what this meant; I needed to go talk to her about this. I got up and entered the opposing locker room. Before entering I thought for a second. This is it, I'll finally find out what the girls locker room looks like. For years I always dreamed of their locker room being much cleaner and nicer than the guy’s room. I knew every other guy did, we never knew what it looked like in there. I was finally about to know.

I immediately found the mirror to see any other changes. My body figure had changed to that of a girl swimmer. My hair had become longer and darker. I felt my new assets, they were real, and this was no prank. I then realized I looked a lot like Lauren, but with black hair.

I waited for her to come in, I then approached her. "Hey, Lauren," I said hesitantly.
"Alex, is that you?" she asked.
"Yeah... Do you know what happened to me, I'm a girl now?"
"Actually yeah I do." I was getting a bit angry with her. She could tell, "Don’t get mad. I'm only doing this to show you how good a swimmer you would or wouldn't be."
"How did you do this!?"
"I asked a genie I found to do it for me."
"Lauren, this isn't Aladdin." I calmly joked. "Well, in that case, what do you plan to do now?"
"Honestly, I don't know. You could come to my house. We could have a slumber party!"
"Are you serious? What about me, what about my family... My swim records, they’re all gone!" I started panicking again.
"Don’t worry your times have remained, while the rest of the world has changed to see that you were always a girl." she responded. I felt a little better. "Look, open your bag."
I did as she said and I found my normal things; clothes, extra suits and some goggles. They were all the same except fit for my new form. I took them out and looked at each of the suits, these are pretty cute. I looked around some more and also found a black bra and panties. I looked at her. My face said everything, what were you thinking!
"This could be over if you want. I just thought this would be an interesting experiment. Let me remind you there's a meet on Saturday," she explained.
This was correct, today was only Wednesday. The next meet was only a dual meet between the Otters and us; the Tiger Sharks. A part of me wanted this to end right here, (not exactly here...) and a part of me wanted to experiment a bit. "Okay, just until the end of the meet though."
"All right then. So are you going to take me up on my offer?"
An average day of play, until something out of the ordinary happens.

I edited the original picture a bit.

Picture: [link]

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Comments are always appreciated...

Hope you enjoy it. :3
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i really am enjoying this do you know when you might be posting up the next chapter?
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Monday or Wednesday this coming week probably. Also, Thank you :D
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nice story
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